Protect Your Home Value and Your Neighborhood

If Mission Park’s covenants are not renewed in the coming months, they will expire.Covenants are a key tool used to protect your home’s value and your neighborhood.

Our homeowners association has made it a top priority to gather the necessary signatures to protect our neighborhood.If the required number of signatures are not collected by the upcoming deadline, there will be virtually no rules surrounding home ownership in our neighborhood.

Several residents have asked us about why this should concern them.Here are just a few examples of what could happen if covenants are no longer in place.

Broken down automobiles could be stored indefinitely in a driveway.
A home could be painted any color without restriction like pink, purple or red.
There would be no more maintenance of entrance markers, flower beds or sprinkler systems.
Supplemental mowing would no longer take place.
Street signs would no longer be maintained.
The park on Q Street would no longer be maintained.

These are just a few examples of the types of things that would happen if the neighborhood’s covenants expired.If you would like to read the proposed covenants, click on the “Covenants” tab on the left in the menu.

If you would like to protect your home value and your neighborhood, it is easy.There are two options that take less than 60 seconds.

You can stop by our signature table at any of our neighborhood entrances on August 19 from 11am to 4pm to sign.Please bring a photo ID, preferably a driver’s license.


You can send us an email using the “Contact Us” tab on the left and we will work with you to schedule a time for someone to stop by your house to get your signature(s).

Please note, each party listed on the property’s deed must sign in order to be valid.

Don’t delay time is running out!

April Hail storm

We have received a lot of calls and emails about the new covenants pertaining to non-wood shake shingles.

The Mission Park roof covenants provide:

All residential structures shall be roofed with wood cedar shakes, wood shingles or asphalt shingles of 50 year guarantee or greater quality of weathered wood color (examples including, but not limited to, CertainTeed 50 year shingles, Tamko 50 year shingles and Owens-Corning 50 year shingles). Upon express approval of the Mission Park Homeowners Association Board (the “Board”) or any authority designated by the Board, a residential structure may be roofed with alternative roofing materials of equal or greater quality as those permitted herein (including, but not limited to, hardboard, bonded wood, pressed wood, and imitation wood shakes), but any such alternative roofing material must be either weathered wood or similarly earth-toned color.
In addition to cedar shakes, the following commonly used shingles comply with the covenants:
GAF: Timberline Ultra, Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon, Camelot, Camelot II, Woodland
Tamko: Heritage premium, Heritage vintage.
Certainteed: Landmark Premium, Presidential Shake, Grand Manor

HOA Dues

All lots in Mission Park are automatically included in the Homeowners Association. The Homeowner assessments are due & payable on January 1st. This inclusion is required by the Covenants on file for the Subdivision. The annual dues are used for maintenance of the entrances and other common areas, Association newsletters, activities, insurance, website and utilities.
Any assessments not paid by March 15th will be subject to interest on the amount due at the maximum allowable interest by law. All outstanding balances are subject to a lien being placed on your property. Please include your lot number on your check & mail to the MPHOA, PO Box 45608, Omaha,NE 68145. COMING Soon you will be able to pay your Dues online. If you have any questions specifically regarding payment, please contact the Association Treasurer Bill Schmelder by e-mail.

The Association Budget for 2013/2014 is available for your review along with previous years.